Want to learn some new skills??

Stage Combat and Media Make-up Workshop

A one day exciting workshop combining stage combat and media makeup. A thorough insight into the tricks behind those nasty fight scenes. You will learn all the basic unarmed moves that you see on TV, Film and Stage from that ‘bitchy’ slap on Eastenders to how to sell the perfect punch on Fight Club.  Once you’ve mastered the moves we will combine a sequence, create a character and fight your friend till there’s only one standing with sweat, blood & (fake) tears. By the end of the day you will understand the safety, accuracy and comradeship needed to professionally execute stage combat successfully.  Media make up is essential in adding those extra details within professional scenes, In this workshop members will receive full training in basic MMU skills, including the skin tone, bone structure and hollows of the body, ageing of bruises and open surface wounds. Towards the end of the day you will be able to put your newly learnt skills to the test at speed in a choreographed stage combat demonstration (with appropriate make-up and scars!) to an invited audience. So bring a change of clothes because this workshop will be messy!

The course is being run by Rio Cormack and Jamie Carter, Rio has trained at East 15 Acting School and specialised in Stage combat. She is employed as a regular fighter for The Next Global Crisis series, fight performed in various short films including Draugar and has fight directed for a version of Shakeapeares ‘As You Like It’. Alongside Fight performing she is a working Actor – having recently performed as Elizabeth in Gatecrash Theatre’s production of The Crucible, she also owns a coffee business in London and is mother to a baby boy.

Jamie is one of our own at Gatecrash Theatre; Trained as an actor across several educational facilities including New York Film Academy,  currently running theatre workshops throughout the week and is currently working with several theatre companies as both actor and media make up artist. His media make skills and techniques have been on show in most of Gatecrash’s productions!

Date: Saturday 13th May

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: Bohemian Balcony, Rodbourne, Swindon

Contact gatecrashtheatre@gmail.com to book in.

                                                 ONLY £25