The Excellence of the Ensemble

                                        When you undertake an intensive project like this, the Yearn and Learn which is always rehearsed and performed in just two weeks there’s an unknown element which cannot be planned for and no amount of preparation can guarantee success and that is the way in which your company of actors will work together.
For me, as a director, the success of my work on stage has it’s bedrock in building a solid base of trust, laughter and support amongst my company to allow each member to excel within their role. I guess coming into this my question was – will this happen – in just two weeks??
But I should not have been concerned and as always my heart is warmed by the resilience and solidarity that this merry band of players have gained in these few hours we have spent together putting together this crazy show. I have asked alot of my actors in this highly physical and demanding interpretation and have been rewarded by each and every one adding value to the experience. I have learned new things about each one and am still learning!
I love my job for many reasons – the art, the creativity, the theatre of it all but mostly and at the very heart of I love the people.
Thank you, my excellent company, as we are all met, you have done me and yourselves proud, and we are not there yet!
We have just had our final day of rehearsals and we cannot wait to unleash this mayhem on our Swindon crowd.
Bravo x