Played by Kathy Sterry

Kathy’s earliest memories of acting are from the playground at primary school where she used her storytelling imagination to create vivid tales of wild horses, witches, wizards and much more besides aided and abetted by friends.  Her attempts to appear on stage were thwarted by evil teachers, and shyness, but she adored being a ‘merrie man’, elbowing others out of the way to be the first to find Maid Marion in the greenwood glade, in a school pantomime.   Further dramatic opportunities, after playing a ghost in year 7, did not, sadly, come thick and fast.  A highly dramatic drama teacher did not enjoy inspiring her class, preferring instead to sweep out of the classroom in high dudgeon!  At this point Kathy felt a little like Oliver Twist. “Please miss, can I have a part?”
Nevertheless a role as Elizabeth in GASLIGHT, after university, kept her going through the long dark days of no drama until she joined WBLOS (Wootton Bassett Light Operatic Society) in 2001.  There she succeeded in playing the role she was born for:  the Wicked Witch of the West in their junior section’s production of THE WIZARD OF OZ.  To her delight another plum evil role came her way in the form of Carabosse the evil fairy in WBLOS’s pantomime SLEEPING BEAUTY in 2012.  She has since cornered the market in wacky Irish medieval messengers and bossy Queens.  
And now, after loving the play at school, she was thrilled to gain the part of Peter Quince and be involved in Gatecrash’s production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.  Here is another opportunity to be the boss, or at any rate someone who deludes himself that he is the boss!



Played by Jane Pitcher

Years ago Jane attended local youth theatre and got involved with a semi professional dance troupe way back in the late 70’s (based on the group Hot Gossip, if any of you can remember that far back!)  She performed in a show with Roy Castle. She studied jazz dance, working part time in a dance studio in Holland, again a long time ago in a far away galaxy!  However on my return to the UK I became an aerobic teacher which I did, between having two boys, for 35+ years.
She always enjoyed drama, plays, characters – being involved with all aspects of amateur theatre over the years. From making costumes or helping to organising children’s performances from playgroup to primary. She also performed with Swindon dance and had parts in village shows over the years.  Though illness, hip and knee replacements several years ago put paid to the high kicking and exercise classes so she re-evaluated her body’s capabilities and stopped teaching and dancing.  However, she was offered the opportunity to do a professional voice over course and now works periodically as a voice over artist  
Being involved in Midsummer Nights Dream is a toe in the water for her and she is looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs of her performance brain, and treading the boards once again.
‘In my job CV it states… My objective … To find a something that is enjoyable, worthwhile and fun. Well I found Ignite and that certainly fits the objective for me.’