Played by Lucy Payne


Lucy studied Drama with Creative Writing at UWE and graduated in 2014. Since then she has taken an active part in non-professional theatre, and enjoys helping backstage when she can get away from her crazy job..! Lucy watched the Director, Anna Friend’s production of A Doll’s House and thought ‘that looked fun’, so she went along to the Midsummer audition and somehow convinced them to give her the part of Puck. She’s really looking forward to the show nights and hopes you enjoys the show.


Played by Keira C Georgeson 


 Keira C Georgeson has been a Shakespeare lover since she was a wee brat, having starred as Ariel in The Tempest at age 8. This love of performance and theatre has carried her through life and lead her to achieve a degree in Drama Studies & Creative Writing (which she mostly uses to calmly survive family dinners and to update her Facebook status). If 15 years of acting isn’t enough, Keira also loves to write & direct short films, and has found her niche in the strange and unusual possibilities of experimental film (see: bit of  weirdo; probably used to be an emo). Ever the loud, excitable drama queen, Keira is very much excited to play Bottom and unleash her inner ass (but not the outer one). 

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