Let’s hear from Marianne…

Theatre is really important to me, both as an opportunity to push myself in a performance, and as a regular creative outlet. So, when I moved to Swindon in September of last year, I was determined to find a theatre company to call home. I found out about Gatecrash after some extensive Google searches, and knew I had to be a part of it. A theatre company for adults, committed to helping members to develop creatively but not sacrifice their day jobs – it was perfect. Gatecrash had to have me (whether they liked it or not). I chose a section from Fleabag by Pheobe Waller-Bridge as my audition piece and, thankfully, they liked it. In the past I have played George in Posh, Beatrice in a production of Much Ado, and in several new writing pieces at University, but Constellations is totally different to any play I have ever been a part of.

There’s only two of us (no matter how hard Becca tries to segue in a cameo), which requires huge concentration and trust, which I definitely have in Jordan. The intricately structured scenes, snapshots from alternate universes, provide other unique challenges as an actor. Normally, you pick traits for a character based on their actions, their lines, what can be deducted about their background etc. but in Constellations, it’s totally different. Marianne is still Marianne when she reacts with anger and she’s still Marianne when she reacts with sadness. When she’s brave she’s one version of herself, and when weak, she’s another version altogether, but all versions are true. The ambiguity that exists within all of us as real-life people, exists within her. The only difference is that in Constellations we get to see all those versions, side by side.

Marianne is joyous to play. She’s funny and awkward and sassy and intelligent. Becca has given us hold on a character which could otherwise get lost in a sea of possibilities, and I feel very lucky to be a part of this production. Get tickets here while you still can!


By Becky Danks