Hello Vic / Hello Biscuits!

With less than a week to our first show it’s exciting to start running the show in rehearsals and feeling ‘The Lost Present Department’ come to life brimming with; music, dancing, tea, going down gorges (the correct geographical term),  snow, presents and so many other festivities.

Having never performed in a show specifically for children the best piece of advice I have received has been ‘have fun’ remembering to view the show as a game and to just enjoy it! This has been essential to my embracing this beautiful text. ‘The Lost Present Department’ has endless opportunity for mischief, games and laughter and exploring these has made a very fun rehearsal week and will translate into magic on stage I’m sure.

Here are a few facts about Vic;
1) She’s very organised and enjoys things being done properly
2) She loves to sing and dance
3) She takes her work very seriously
4) Although she doesn’t always show it Ed makes her laugh a lot
5) Tea and Biscuits are her favourite
6) She doesn’t like Christmas…

This show is so festive with buckets of energy and I am so excited for everyone to join us at ‘The Lost Present Department’.

Love, Rosie (Vic)


Click here for tickets to this amazing show, for all the family!