We are in!


We have had a delightful week taking the show from rehearsal room to the theatre and we are so excited to be in the lovely venue that is The Rondo (it’s a bit like a warm cuddle this place!). The set is up, the costumes finished and all of the technical (lights and sound)  and not so technical (abseiling ken doll) effects have been tested. So much of this show is about audience interaction… from the moment you enter, Ed and Vic want to speak to you, and there is only so long we can look at empty seats and ask them to join in! So tonight brings our first show and our first reviewer and we are so ready! The show is so teaming with energy and fun that today I had to tell the cast to slow down and just enjoy each moment – we hope you do too.


For tickets and info please click here.


Looking forward to seeing you!!