Actors & Audience; The Lost Present

Rosie Walker plays Vic in our current production of The Lost Present and here are her thoughts about the production at this half way point;

To say that i’m enjoying this show is an understatement.

I got asked the other day ‘if I was bored of performing it yet’ and the answer is definitely no; every show is different due to the audiences we perform to. This has varied from; a bunch of 18 month year olds who seemed somewhat shocked but also mesmerised by the craziness which was being performed in front of them, adults who sing along with the well-known power ballads and children who took every opportunity to join in the action and turn ‘ The lost present department’ into something near a panto. Allowing myself to truly enjoy telling this brilliant story, play different games on stage and watching everyone leave the theatre with huge smiles on their faces is what has made this job so magical. Thank you to everyone who has come to watch so far and if you haven’t… totally buy tickets so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Merry Christmas!!






It isn’t just the actors that are having fun though, here are a few quotes from audience members;

  • “‘The lost present’ was so funny, charming and intimate in its setting (the kids have not stopped talking about it since!).  I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family. Are you doing another one next year?….Please!’ – Zoe.
  • “As a parent of 4 young children, I instantly felt relaxed, the actors & staff were all welcoming and created a positive atmosphere. From start to finish all children were entertained aswell as the parents! A Five star review from us who wouldn’t hesitate to go back.” – Alice
  • “They made me laugh lots.” – Ava, 6.
  •  ” I liked all the singing.” – Betsy, 4.
  • ‘The Lost Present Dept has everything you need for a fun filled family treat. Absolutely perfect casting and direction’ – Kate (parent of a 6 & 8 year old)

We want you to join in with this fun so don’t hesitate. Tickets still available for shows from Wednesday 20th – Saturday 23rd.

Parking available on the streets surrounding the theatre and there are three different times to choose from so there is no reason to delay!

Get your tickets here!


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