Hello Ed / Hello Dungarees!

Some funky colourful things have already began to appear in this process of The Lost Present, from matching cups of tea to matching dungarees ( i have a huge love for the dungaree lifestyle) the character of Ed and Vic are already making me feel very festive and excited.

This past week has been delightful, with both character developing and blocking. I have explored Eds life from a way way little age right up until himself today.
A few facts about Ed:
1- He loved to build caves for his animal toys to live in.
2 – He loves musical instruments.

3- He loves to make Vic laugh.

Blocking this week has been very bold and dynamic which will only lead me to say, lots of naps will be needed between shows – tiring work! But absolutely worth it.

So much fun and enjoyment is already happening and I am very excited to share this wonderful piece with everyone!

Big Love, Jamie (Ed)