Professional Actors Package Days

14463757_10154019357902149_627419175_nWe at Gatecrash have come to recognise the need for affordable headshots and showreels to help promote the work of the actors in our region. With this in mind we have created a package that offers both headshots and/or showreels for those seeking professional work in the industry…. the PAP day!


How do we make it affordable?

By hosting whole days when the headshots and filming are done intensively with a group of participants therefore dividing up the costs.


Who are we working with?

13434144_10153595018751643_1528792937_nProfessional Photographer Paul Marks takes the photos for our headshots. Paul is an experienced, award winning photographer with over 15 years experience. Paul has shot a wide range of diverse subjects specialising in music and theatre performance and portraiture.




Gurch (1)9080 Productions will create the showreel content and create the final showreels where required. 9080 Productions are a newly founded company headed by Gurch Singh and Sherylee Houssein who each have over a decade of production experience. They have a passion for telling stories from corporate companies to coffee shops to inspirational individuals. For examples of their work please look here.




What we can offer…

The Showreel 


If you are looking to start a career in film or TV or are looking to broaden your scope for woSherylee (1)rk a showreel is a must to allow casting professionals, directors and agents to see your skills as an actor.

In the one day course we will provide you with content for your showreel or indeed a full edited showreel; you will act in two contrasting pieces performed with a change of background settings and costume. You will act alongside other professional performers using scripts specially curated to best showcase your acting abilities.

You will be coached through acting for screen during the session and scenes will be shot by our team of professional film-makers. 9080 film in 1080 HD with professional sound recording to capture your dialogue clearly.

The final pieces will be hosted online with a link for you to share as well as being available as a downloadable file for you to use in your showreel or will be included in the showreel if you are interested in package one.

You also have the additional option of acting in your own monologue to create another piece of content; monologues can be chosen by yourself or our team.

Once the content is completed 9080 Productions can compile all of the material (plus any extra filming extracts you may have) into a full showreel if  you want.


The Headshots

A great headshot can help you land that opportunity or get you to the top of the list when casting, To be sure you convey the correct message in your headshot you need to put your best face forward. A headshot is the main marketing tool actors have to promote themselves in the first instance, the business card that indicates your ability.

The headshot session will typically last one to one and a half hours. Paul will work both in the studio with a range of lighting techniques and in natural light, both with neutral backgrounds. Together you will take time to review and see what is and is not working before returning to the session ensuring the final collection show a range of casting options. For each of the ‘packages’ below offering headshots you’ll receive both colour and black and white images with minimal subtle retouching to maintain that all important natural look. You will receive a link to an online gallery of shots from your session to download as well as a set of 4 of your favourite headshots as 10” x 8” professional prints.


Packages available

As many actors are working to different budgets and have different needs and wants we have created four different packages. When expressing an interest in attending our next ‘Professional Actors Package Days’ you can let us know which package you want and we will deliver it.


PACKAGE ONE – the full monty!
The creation of a full showreel with all editing complete. This includes 2 scenes filmed and edited by 9080 + 1 monologue filmed and edited by 9080 on the day plus adding any relevant and well executed material you already have + Headshots done by Paul Marks
Gatecrash Members = £425
non-Gatecrash members = £475
PACKAGE TWO – showreel content and headshots

2 scenes filmed and edited by 9080 + 1 monologue filmed and edited by 9080 + 

headshots taken by Paul Marks
Gatecrash Members = £350
Non-Gatecrash Members = £400
PACKAGE THREE – the showreel content
2 scenes filmed and edited by 9080 + 1 monologue filmed and edited by 9080
Gatecrash Members = £250
non-Gatecrash members = £275
PACKAGE FOUR – some showreel content
2 scenes filmed and edited by 9080
Gatecrash members = £175
non-Gatecrash members = £200
PACKAGE FIVE – headshots
headshots taken by Paul Marks
Gatecrash members = £125
non Gatecrash members = £150


When is our next date for this offer?

Please contact us for more details


Where will the day be hosted?

On location in Swindon (different spaces within the same location for all packages so no need to be transported from one venue to another)


Can  I pay in installments?

For Packages One to Three we would need a £100 non-refundable deposit to secure your space. For package Four a £70 non-refundable deposit would secure your space. The full and remaining balance would be due on September 1st.

how do I sign up?

By emailing and expressing an interest.