Past Performances

Wroughton Nativity

As part of our dedication to working with the local community, in December 2016 Gatecrash Theatre joined forces with Wroughton Parish Church  ( our partners on the hugely successful WROUGHTON PASSION PLAY) returned with a festive and family friendly performance of THE NATIVITY. Performers from Gatecrash Theatre and the wider community led the audience on a journey sharing the story of Jesus’ birth, all within the grounds of Wroughton Parish Church- starting at Legge House and moving across to the Church building before ending at our own traditional stable. Accompanied by a children’s choir from Revolution Performing Arts, a Jazz band, a real baby and a shetland pony the audience moved through external and internal locations that had been transformed, meeting characters along the way, bringing the Nativity story to life.

The performance was an absolute delight for all the family and completely sold out within days. On top of the show the audience also enjoyed craft activities, hot drinks, hot dogs and mince pies.




Our second Yearn And Learn project led to a production of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ with cast members from both Gatecrash Evolve and Ignite and some external experienced
and inexperienced performers. The whole project was rehearsed and performed within two weeks with a cast and crew of thirty people. In a quaint and close rural community, personal histories combine with lust and superstition, creating widespread hysteria and persecution.

Miller’s timeless classic attacks the terrorising power of false accusations and consequences of damning mindless gossip. The power of one teenage girl’s claims and control over her peers have devastating and long lasting consequences on an entire town.

Currently in production on Broadway, The Crucible and it’s historical tale of false accusation and mania are as relevant today as ever. Gatecrash Theatre brought together a professional production team and a taste for gritty, truthful storytelling to give this literary classic a new and terrifying breath of life.


“Professional theatre at its finest from start to finish…. Everything about this production – from its stage set up to the music, and from its actors to its lighting effects – left me feeling proud of this local theatre company. The very dramatic end of the production, which left several people in the audience in tears, left me saying “wow” out loud and wanting to see what else this fine example of Swindon’s talent will offer in the future.”

Kelly Jobanputra for Swindon Advertiser. To read full review click here


Creative Team:

Director and Producer: Laura Barnes

Assistant Director: Natasha Garbutt (member of Gatecrash Evolve)


Designer: Anna Friend

Lighting Design and Stage Management: David Jell

Assistant Stage Manager: Abbie Mercer


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Our first community led project was performed on Good Friday 2016 in the village of Wroughton near Swindon. Wroughton Passion Play consisted of just under 150 performers (both amateur and professional) working with a professional production team and was performed to an audience of around
1800 people. The performance told the story of the final week of Jesus’ life. Gatecrash Theatre are a non-religious theatre company but we ceased this opportunity to tell an incredible story – one that has shaped the culture we live in. The final piece was aimed at every man and woman and made a powerful and thought-provoking piece of theatre within the streets of this community. Featuring live music, song, small and large scale scenes it was immersive and community theatre at it’s best. The project was funded by The Bible Society, Swindon Churches Together and Crowd Funding.


“What a magnificent achievement, a wonderful, powerful, moving piece of drama which took us all by surprise.”  
Chris Dobson. Ecumenical and Global Partnership Officer for the Diocese of Bristol.

Creative Team:

Director: Anna Friend

Assistant Director: Jamie Carter (member of Gatecrash Evolve)

Producer: Laura Barnes

Assistant Producer: Natasha Garbutt (member of Gatecrash Evolve)

Event Stage Manager: David Jell

Head of Super Choir: Ronni Bailey

Head of Children’s Choir: Sarah Wilson

Director of Children’s Company: Jamie Carter








Gatecrash Theatre’s Improv Comedy Club

Gatecrash Theatre headlined Swindon Fringe 2016 with their improv show. Trained improvisers from Gatecrash Theatre brought a tasty comedy feast made-up of audience suggestions and the wonder of the imagination. The show featured members of Gatecrash Theatre’s improv group and professional improvisers from Bristol based company ‘Closer Each Day’





Breathing Corpses by Laura Wade


Gatecrash offers a yearly mentoring performance project called ‘Smash And Grab’ for all members of GATECRASH EVOLVE and 2016’s project resulted in performances of ‘Breathing Corpses’ (winner of the Pearson Playwrights ‘Best Play’ Award) in both Swindon and Bristol . Amy’s found another body, there’s a funny smell coming from Jim’s storage unit and Kate spent the day with the police. The theme of mortality casts a long shadow across this tense play as the storyline unfolds backwards the audience are left to piece together the clues. When the door is opened there’s no going back from what you’ve seen.


“commendably ambitious”….”highly enjoyable, full-bloodied performances” STAGETALK MAGAZINE

Creative Team:

Director: Natasha Garbutt
Assistant Director: Patrick Thomas
Music: Charlie Miles
Designers: Paul Marks and Amber Sadler

Lighting Design: David Jell

Directing Mentor and Producer: Laura Barnes

Design Mentor: Sue Condie


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Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth


Under a professional production team members of Gatecrash Evolve brought a vibrant, edgy and high paced performance of Jez Butterworth’s iconic play ‘Jerusalem’ to sell out audiences in Swindon in both the summer and the autumn of 2015. The final piece was extremely well received. On St Georges Day, the morning of the local county fair, Johnny Byron is a wanted man. The council officials want to serve him an eviction notice, his son wants his dad to take him to the fair, and a motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs and alcohol.

A comic, contemporary vision of rural life in Wiltshire’s green and pleasant land, Jez Butterworth’s epic new play is wildly original. In part a lament about the erosion of country life and in part a rebuff to the antiseptic modern world, Gatecrash Theatre found the new Jerusalem that is Great Britain in the 21st Century.


Creative Team:

Director: Laura Barnes

Assistant Director: Natasha Garbutt

Lighting Design: David Jell