Actors & Audience; The Lost Present

Rosie Walker plays Vic in our current production of The Lost Present and here are her thoughts about the production at this half way point; To say that i’m enjoying this show is an understatement. I got asked the other day ‘if I was bored of performing it yet’ and the answer is definitely no; every show is different due to the… Read more →


We are in!   We have had a delightful week taking the show from rehearsal room to the theatre and we are so excited to be in the lovely venue that is The Rondo (it’s a bit like a warm cuddle this place!). The set is up, the costumes finished and all of the technical (lights and sound)  and not… Read more →

Hello Vic / Hello Biscuits!

With less than a week to our first show it’s exciting to start running the show in rehearsals and feeling ‘The Lost Present Department’ come to life brimming with; music, dancing, tea, going down gorges (the correct geographical term),  snow, presents and so many other festivities. Having never performed in a show specifically for children the best piece of advice… Read more →

Hello Ed / Hello Dungarees!

Some funky colourful things have already began to appear in this process of The Lost Present, from matching cups of tea to matching dungarees ( i have a huge love for the dungaree lifestyle) the character of Ed and Vic are already making me feel very festive and excited. This past week has been delightful, with both character developing and… Read more →

What makes great theatre at Christmas? by Laura Barnes

  Christmas is bursting with theatre and I do not just mean the ‘he’s behind you’ sort. From the quiet looks one mum gives another as she explains that the Christmas fairies are watching, to the middle aged man squeezing into the red costume; from the carols sung in simple candlelight, to the drunken game of charades watching your usually… Read more →

MEET THE CAST; Though they are but small, they are fierce!

Hermia Played by Daniella Faircloth Daniella has studied theatre and acting, securing an A-Level and extended Diploma in Acting at Distinction* level. Daniella’s first works were all in theatre including productions of ‘Love, Love, Love’, Jim Cartwright’s award winning ‘Road’, ‘A Street Car Named Desire’, ‘Vera Vera Vera’ and ‘The Laramie Project’. She has also been working closely with the… Read more →

The Excellence of the Ensemble

                                        When you undertake an intensive project like this, the Yearn and Learn which is always rehearsed and performed in just two weeks there’s an unknown element which cannot be planned for and no amount of preparation can guarantee success and… Read more →


Demetrius  Played by Oli Meredith Achiever of two LAMDA gold medals, one in acting and another in devising drama, Oli is a very passionate, creative and natural actor. In 2014, He moved to Bristol to become part of the unique film community there and within a couple of years built up a very positive reputation amongst Bristol Filmmakers. As well as a… Read more →


Quince Played by Kathy Sterry Kathy’s earliest memories of acting are from the playground at primary school where she used her storytelling imagination to create vivid tales of wild horses, witches, wizards and much more besides aided and abetted by friends.  Her attempts to appear on stage were thwarted by evil teachers, and shyness, but she adored being a ‘merrie… Read more →


Starveling  Played by Elizabeth Kelly Liz graduated from UWE in 2007 having done Drama and Film Studies, then life got in the way a bit. A couple of years ago she joined the Kelvin Players in Bristol to try and get back into theatre and gain more experience. She saw a post for Midsummer Nights Dream on good old Facebook… Read more →