DSC_6446Each of our associate artists (see ‘Meet The Team‘) are available for one to one mentorship over a six month period. As part of the mentorship the artist will be available to:




  • meet two times over that period for an in depth and personalised discussion on career development, training and opportunities.
  • support applying for training, paid and unpaid opportunities.
  • respond to emails with specific questions.
  • invite the mentee to observe them at work.
  • observe and support the company member working with their chosen skill once over the period (actor – in performance/ Director – in rehearsal/ writer – reading scripts).

Cost: Mentorship is available from all of our associate artists at a starting fee of £150 plus travel (the final rate is reduced if you are a member of Gatecrash – Ignite, Evolve or Youth).

For more details please email Laura.