About Gatecrash theatre company Swindon

What is Gatecrash?

11846639_1693034340925538_10438009525989286_nGatecrash is a developmental theatre company based in Swindon offering training and paid opportunities to professional and aspiring actors and those seeking a new creative hobby . The company was set up in January 2014 in response to the growing number of adults living in or around Swindon who are talented Actors, Writers and Directors and need a creative outlet; too old for youth theatre but wanting the professional mentorship, performance opportunities and support offered by many of these outlets. We also offer weekly workshops for aspiring performers who until now have had little to no experience of theatre. Seeking an opportunity to work and learn from professionals in the business, develop their craft and share their own talents.

Gatecrash is a high quality, professionally led step up from youth theatre! A support network for the artists of the future. Simple!

What we offer

Image from rehearsal of Wroughton's Passion Play. Gatecrash's huge scale community project

Image from rehearsal of Wroughton’s Passion Play. Gatecrash’s huge scale community project

Gatecrash theatre company Swindon is open primarily to anyone aged 18 plus with a strong passion for theatre and performance. We have recently become Resident Theatre Company at New College, Swindon  which means we are now working with young people aged 16+ through our work at the college. Our main focus is our training and weekly workshops. We run three sessions each week which appeal to different kinds of people. Gatecrash Ignite is our group open to anyone with limited to no performance experience who are looking for a new hobby or channel for their imaginations. Most of the members of this group work in professions removed from the arts and use Gatecrash as an outlet for their creativity or even a stress reliever! This group is very relaxed and no pressure is put on the members to perform outside of the comfort of the session. Gatecrash Evolve is more about artistic and professional development. A training option for those aspiring to go to Drama School or who simply want to improve their acting ability with careful mentorship and commitment. Gatecrash Evolve still contains a mix of people from different backgrounds. These include Actors and Directors who are either applying for, or have completed professional training. We also appeal to those who have chosen a career outside of the arts but want to keep their creativity alive, want to develop to a higher performance standard and do wish to be involved in public paid and/or training Gatecrash Performances and Events! Our third and newest group is Gatecrash Youth open exclusively to students at New College offering them early insight into the work and development offered by the company

Beyond our weekly training we also offer short courses,  mentoring and one to one tuition and audition preparation for a more bespoke approach, theatre based projects and performance opportunities that are open to both members of our two weekly groups and non-members.


Resident Theatre Company

new-college-blackWe are delighted to also be resident theatre company at New College Swindon. This means that we are able to offer professional support and mentorship to the students there, paricularly those looking to follow a career in theatre and the arts and host our workshops in one central location with fantastic facilities. As part of our residency we offer Gatecrash Youth –  weekly youth theatre style classes exclusively for the college students.

It has always been GC’s mission to support aspiring actors and artists across the region and with a direct link to the college we can now offer mentorship, guidance and support directly to the Performing Arts students there both through workshops in their curriculum time, informal support and the extra-curricular work we are doing with the college. The students are welcome to observe rehearsals and seek out specific support for their needs as well as being invited to join our newest weekly workshops – GATECRASH YOUTH which is being led by two members of our core team – Director Natasha Garbutt and Actor Jordan Turk. GCY is open exclusively to New College students at a heavily subsidised rate and will allow all attendees professionally led youth theatre and a creative space to explore ideas and learn.

This residency also means that we have a modern, well-equiped base for all of our workshops and rehearsals and could not be more delighted with this development. If you are a student at the college and would like more information on Gatecrash Youth please click here or feel free to contact us with your specific needs and requests!.